Development Bot for Skype

Skype Development Bot

Integrate Skype with JIRA Cloud and Github to Move Work Forward easier and smoother.

Development Bot will help you with standup reports and JIRA notifications.

Link other dev tools like Trello, Github, Bitbucket and Google Calendar


Don't miss any updates in JIRA by receiving them directly into Skype.

Filter notifications

Get only notifications you are interested about.

Actionable cards

When you get notified or you ask for an issue's information you can execute multiple actions directly from Skype

Standup report

Get information about the latest things your worked on

Connect Github

Add Github to your standup report.

Query for information from JIRA

Ask bot to give you a card about an issue and act on it.

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Actionable JIRA notifications

Log time, watch or assign an issue to yourself directly from Skype.

Navigate directly to JIRA to do more actions with the issue.

Log work from Skype

Log time directly from Skype with a couple of clicks or enter text directly.

Use convenient buttons to log working hours in 1 click.

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Get standup report from multiple tools

Display most important activities from JIRA, Github and Google Calendar. You won't forget to mention important things during your standups. You can just C&P to your team chat as well.


Increate productivit


Don't miss anything

Query data

Get information your need

  • Setup notifications
  • Get standup report
and so much more...

Why Move Work Forward with us?


Below you can see the questions people often ask!

At the moment, we support JIRA Cloud and Github. Do you need something else? Let us know please.

It is free. However, we do plan to add some opt-in premium features which will cost money. We need to eat as well to provide you with great service.

Not yet, it's coming soon.

Please reach out to us via email, Service desk or typing "feedback" to the Development Bot.

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