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Github Links for Confuence macro


Github Links for Confuence add-on helps your team to present more information about Github items in the context of Confluence without having to visit Github.

What is supported?

  • Link recognition of the following Github items: repositories, pull requests, branches, source files, user profiles, issues and gists.
  • Using the Github API we enrich your link with a lot of useful information.
  • Public and private Github resources.
  • Easily connect of your Github account and our Add-on using Oath (one click revoke as well).

How to get started?

1. You just need to Copy&Paste the Github link into a confluence page. The link gets recognized by Confluence as a Github resource.

Alternatively, you can start typing “{github-link-macro” and the marcos will be inserted that will trigger a dialog where you will be able to input the link to a resource from Github.

2. After you finish with the content of your page and press Save this add-on will transform your links into informative widgets (which will still working as links)

3. If you are using private Github repositories (and most of our customer are) you will need to navigate to the Administration of Confluence section and find the secion “Atlassian Marketplace” where you will need to locate the configuration page of this add-on; here you can connect your Github account. (Even though Github says that the Application you will authorize access to can modify your resources this will not happen because we only use GET operations and Github at the moment does not support Read-only scope).

In the near future we will support Personal access tokens.

4. In order to revoke the access to your private repositories please go to the Administration page and press the Disconnect button

What shall we do if we want to suggest an improvement or report a bug?

If you have any questions, suggestions or issues we are always here to help you. Please create a Move Work Forward JIRA Service Desk support issue for us with your problem or suggestion here, so that we can address it in a timely manner (please provide as much information as possible).