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Microsoft Teams Confluence Connector


Microsoft Teams Confluence Connector enables teams to get immediately notified about things happenning in Confluence. Do you want to miss important issues or projects? We don’t think so and we created this add-on to help you stay on top of Confluence activities.

What is supported?

  • Notification about created/updated/released/deleted issues, projects or versions.
  • Microsoft Teams channel specific configuration, so different channels can receive different information.
  • If something is missing please let us know via our Service Desk.

How to get started?

Go to the Microsoft Teams channel configuration and add a connector.

microsoft teams confluence connector add connector

Find Incoming Webhook and add one. Put the name as Confluence and download the Confluence logo from here.

Set the logo of incoming webhook to the Confluence logo and generate the webhook url. Copy it to the clipboard and save the Incoming Webhook.

Navigate in Confluence to the Microsoft Teams Confluence Connector administration page (Administration -> Atlassian Marketplace -> Microsoft Teams Confluence Connector).

Create a configuration section for every channel, enter the name and paste the incoming webhook url. Additionally, select the events you want to notify the channel/room about.

Save the configuration and enjoy!

What about Server and other things?

If something is missing please let us know via our Service Desk.