Github Links for Confuence

Github links for Confluence Cloud

You can bring reach information about Github repositories, branches, users, pull requests, issues, source files and much more directly to your Confluence pages.

Tons of additional information from Github into Confluence!


Get Github users within your Confluence documentation. Show Github teams and external collaborators inline your documentation.

Pull Requests

Display status of a pull request(s), comments and involved people.


Link your repository to a Confluence page and keep it automatically up to date.


Display Github branch state real-time.. Connect your feature branches to your feature documentation.

Source files

Display content of your source files or just link them to your documentation with a possibility to bring the sources to the Confluence page.


Display status, creators and comments of Github issues.

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Github Pull requests & issues rich information

Let your team know the status of your pull request or issue without leaving the Confluence documentation. You can link to private or public pull requests.

Display who participates in the pull requests and how active it is. And of course this is still a link that will bring you to Github.

Display content of source files

As part of your technical documentation you can display Readme files or any other Github source files. Be that Java, JavaScript or Python. The file can be from a public or private repository.

You can link source files and display them as a link and an arrow to embed the content inside the Confluece page.

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Top 30 Github issues or Pull requests from a private or public repository

Display detailed information about top Github issues and pull requests.

Motivate your team and let developers easily access your latest issues and pull requests.


Private or public

Pull Requests

Multiple or one


One or a list

and so much more…

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