Microsoft Teams Bamboo Connector

Microsoft Teams Bamboo Connector

Integrate Microsoft Teams and Bamboo to move work forward easier and smoother.

Successful builds

Get notified about a successful build within seconds after it finishes.

Failed builds

Fix your builds very quickly.

Hanged jobs

Know when Bamboo build jobs hangs.

Per build plan setup

Setup Microsoft Teams notifications per Atlassian Bamboo build plan. You can have different notifiers depending on the build plan.

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Connect Microsoft Teams and Bamboo

If you use Bamboo and Microsoft Teams in your team, you are covered. Stay on top of important things that happen in Bamboo.

You don’t need to sit on top of Bamboo, your Bamboo will notify your Microsoft Teams channels for you.

Fine grained notifications about Bamboo builds and jobs

Whatever your team does in Bamboo, you and your team can get notified in a particular channel in Microsoft Teams.

You can setup fine grained notifications to a particula Microsoft Teams channel about a particula Atlassian Bamboo build plan.

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Multiple build status and Microsoft Teams channels

Setup notification of a particular build execution, queues or a hanged build job in Bamboo.

For example, you can get notified when your feature branch fails, so that you can jump on it straight away.


Successful or failed


Build queues


Passed or failed

and so much more…

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Microsoft Teams Bamboo Connector is everything you need to connect your team and Bamboo!

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There you will find how to setup webhook and Bamboo to run together

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