Microsoft Teams Confluence Connector

Microsoft Teams Confluence Connector

Integrate Microsoft Teams and Confluence (Cloud or Server) to move work forward easier and smoother.

Space filter

Get notified about interesting spaces within seconds from a change.

Multiple channels are supported

Setup multiple channel notification to fine grain them to your needs. Easy configuraton on global and project level.

Watched page considered

Don’t receive notifications that are sent to your email already.

Multiple content status

Get notified only about things you care about.. For example, you can get notified on created Blog Posts only.

layout styles

Connect Microsoft Teams and Confluence

Either you have Confluence Server (including Data Center) or Confluence Cloud, you are covered. Stay on top of important things that happen in Confluence and omit not important stuff.

Confluence activities directly into your team communication channels in Microsoft Teams.

Fine grained notifications about Confluence activities

Whatever your team does in Confluence, you and your team can get notified in a particular channel in Microsoft Teams.

You can filter notifications to reduce the noise and stay on top of the things you want to know first.

style switcher
layout styles

Multiple filters and Microsoft Teams channels

Setup notification of a particular space or content status.

For example, you can get notified only when a blog post gets created or commented.


New or old


Multiple or one



and so much more…

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Microsoft Teams Confluence Connector is everything you need to connect your team and Confluence!

The #1 Integration of Microsoft Teams and Confluence

Looking for Documentation how to setup the plugin?

There you will find how to setup webhook and Confluence to run together

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