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Usage question?

Ask a question on Atlassian Answers, a forum for all Atlassian product related questions. The Move Work Forward Support Team (and our power users) monitor Atlassian Answers and respond promptly to usage queries.

Need support?

Create a support request or email support@moveworkforward.com. Expect a response within 1 business day.

To allow for quicker and more accurate responses please include as much information as possible on the initial request, including:

  1. Version of the add-on
  2. Version of the Atlassian product
  3. Web browser and operating system you are using
  4. The country and timezone you are accessing from
  5. Steps to recreate, including examples and screenshots

In case of emergency you should be able to call us between 9 and 17 Sinpaporean time, except for major holidays. To see our business hours in your timezone check timeanddate.com.